Mail Correspondence

If you need to send mail correspondence to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, please use the table below to find the required RMV Department and PO Box Number. Please insert that information in the address below:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
(Department Name)
(PO Box Number)
Boston, MA (Zip Code)

For any Departments not covered by the list below, please use the General Mail Department and PO Box Number.

Department PO Box Number Zip Code
Title Department 55885 02205-5885
Mail In Registration 55891 02205-5891
Special Plates - IRP 55895 02205-5895
Dealer Repair 55897 02205-5897
Driver Control Suspension Certified 55896 02205-5896
Merit Rating - Citations 55890 02205-5890
Merit Rating - Hearings 55894 02205-5894
Merit Rating - Police Copies 55893 02205-5893
Merit Rating - Warnings 55898 02205-5898
General Mail 55889 02205-5889

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